though this is a predominantly a man-orientated tech lifestyle website, we do appreciate awesome ladies’ gears too and the Fashionable Weatherproof Outerwear By Mia Melon is one such example of our appreciation. based in Vancouver, BC, Mia Melon has been rocking weatherproof coats for ladies for quite sometime now and the firm is ready to step up its game further by offering five new models through Kickstarter. so what makes the fashionable weatherproof outerwear so special? for starter, it is one of the rare outerwear that actual combines fashion forward look with real world practicality such as protection against the elements unleashed by our dear Mother Nature. no. it won’t stand up to a hurricane. that would be ridiculous, but as far as water and wind (and cold temperatures) are concerned, it will keep them at bay, while still enabling breathability so there won’t be a storm of sweat brewing from within.

Fashionable Weatherproof Outerwear By Mia Melon

to make this happen, Mia Melon uses a multi-material, multi-layer approach starting with an outer shell fashion fabric that’s treated with DWR (aka Durable Water Repellent), a coating which bonds to the textile’s fibers as oppose to the fabric as a whole, thereby leaving the space between fibers open to promote breathability. on the inside, it is lined with micro fleece to keep you warm and cozy. sandwiched between the two fabrics is a layer of special membrane that helps to keep cold wind out and further waterproof the coat. additionally, all seams are bound inside to keep water from seeping through them. all told, these outerwears promised to keep you dry 99.9 percent of the time. Mia Melon has since surpassed their set funding goal, which means if you back the project, you are essentially pre-ordering one. prices for the weatherproof outerwears start at $200. keep going for a pitch video to learn more.

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