Stranger Things 4 Welcome To California Trailer

It is more than half a year before the fourth season of Stranger Things will hit Netflix, but Netflix is slowly but surely hyping it up. In fact, the campaign has started as early as May with a teaser.

Stranger Things 4 Welcome To California Trailer

Shortly after, LEGO also teased us with what we thought could be a new LEGO Stranger things set. Then in September, LEGO dropped the official trailer. In between, we saw a couple of collectibles introduced, including an Eleven collectible figure as well as a Demogorgon figure, and a collection of Stranger Things-themed gadget accessories.

Brace yourself for more campaigns to follow. But before that, there’s a new trailer posted last week focusing on the life of Eleven aka Jane Hopper. The trailer is definitely more uplifting than the first official trailer we saw in September. Well, that’s before the dark part of what makes Stranger Things, Stranger Things showed up in flashes.

Stranger Things 4 Welcome To California Trailer

Anyhoo, from the trailer, we now know that Eleven and Will go to the same school in California while Mike is elsewhere, possibly still in Hawkins. And it looks like all the action will happen during Spring Break when the duo joins up with Mike and the gang (possibly back in Hawkins).

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As always, those who hate spoilers should avoid this. Wait. Too late? Oops. Sorry! Skip ahead and have a look at the new trailer yourself.

Images: YouTube (Stranger Things).