For a person who has faithfully watched and re-watched all three seasons of Stranger Things, it is unforgivable that I never picked up this story when the CASETiFY x Stranger Things Collection dropped on Stranger Things Day on November 6, 2020.

CASETiFY x Stranger Things Collection

How did I managed to miss it? Too many things have been going around, I guess? The good news is, unlike some of CASETiFY collection, this particular collab with Netflix is still available.

In case you are wondering how is it that November 6 is Stranger Things Day, well, it’s marketing, folks. Just kidding. It is not. No. Actually it is. The day was chosen as it was the day Will Byers went missing in the show’s first season.

CASETiFY x Stranger Things Collection

Anywho, you know the drill. With the CASETiFY x Stranger Things Collection expect to find gadget accessories that incorporate design elements of the like of Hawkins Lab hazard signs, Will’s Mind Flayer sketch and Eleven’s favorite frozen snack, waffles.

There are also some collaboration exclusive products like a glow-in-the-dark liquid case, silicone waffle case as well as a customizable case with upside down text inspired by the show’s title sequence.

You can find CASETiFY x Stranger Things Collection over at Prices start at US$25.

Images: CASETiFY.

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