even with the proliferation of wireless streaming, sound dock seems like an indispensable feature – thanks in part to the lack of juice in iOS devices that hinders us from ‘enjoying it all’. that said, it might be a good idea to have a wireless speaker that doubles as a sound dock for times when you really need the device to be docked (you know, for tidiness sake), or simply for times when the device need to be pumped up with some electrons. if so, you might want to check out this super sleek item from San Francisco-based NudeAudio, dubbed the Studio 5 Bluetooth Sound Dock.

its aesthetic needs little introduction; it is sleek and the asymmetric form looks unlike any speakers in the market. honestly, sometimes we wished speakers weren’t rectangular, you know, just to break that monotony a little when we are chilling out to our favorite tunes. the unusual shaped speaker features a large wrap-around fabric speaker grill, a plastic construction with soft touch finish, accentuated by brushed aluminum details and rounding up with a subtle NudeAudio branding in orange. under the hood of this alluring beauty is a 2.1 sound system that made up of a pair of neodymium drivers and a 3-inch subwoofer for some serious low frequency thumping.

on the connectivity front, it has a Lightning dock for the newer iOS devices, such as the iPhone 5 or newer, 5th generation iPod touch and the 7th generation iPod nano, while Bluetooth technology offers wireless audio streaming caters to any Bluetooth-enabled sources, or simply for times when don’t feel like docking your iOS devices. naturally, an auxiliary input is also in place for the added flexibility in terms of sources. control is via a touch control around the front of the dock, while an oversized manual dial lets you fine tune the bass to your desire.

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the NudeAudio Studio 5 Bluetooth Sound Dock is available now through Grand St. for a surprisingly, non-bank breaking $179.

Grand St. via Acquired

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