Our reliance on our smartphones and various other pieces of technology, be it cameras, MP3 players or digital e-readers is all too plain to see and we are seldom far from a piece of technology throughout our waking hours. This heavy usage of technology invariably leads to battery life waning quicker than we would like but, fortunately, there are bits of kit out there which you can use to keep all your favorite gadgets fully juiced and ready to go whenever you require them.

One such bit of kit goes by the name of the GP Portable Powerbank which, as you can see from the picture above, is a bit of a badass in terms of appearance and it works fantastically well at ensuring your iPhone battery or Kindle doesn’t conk out during your daily commute as there are few things worse than sitting with a lifeless phone or other gadget on the train.

The GP Portable Powerbank is, as the name suggests, easy to carry around and is suitable to be used on more or less any USB devices such as Kindles, iPhones, MP3 players and digital cameras and the fact that it looks super-cool doesn’t hurt any either.

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GP Portable PowerBank