we don’t usually do vans. they are mostly deemed less of a workhorse (ample, no less), but the new Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 4×4 definitely deserves a mention because it is now available with 4×4 drivetrain. no kidding. a van. 4×4. how many times did you hear or see a van that has all-wheel drive? that plus the fact that it is coming from the pointed star marque really has our stamp of approval. with the 4×4 in place, the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 4×4 is kind of ready to take the place of a pickup when the next time you need to take on the beaten tracks and it has a bonus: a sheltered cargo area, or you could go for crewbus that’s capable of transporting guests up and down the snowy Alpine resorts. available in several body style to meet varying demands, from crewbus for general transportation to panel van for conveying crews and materials to crewcab for hauling construction machinery out of pits to camper van for adventurers who love traversing across rocky or sandy deserts.

whatever the body type is, the Sprinter 4×4 doesn’t trot on all fours full-time; it can be activated at a press of a button whenever the situation calls upon for such drive – even when the engine is running and the vehicle is traveling at low speed of up to 10 km/h (6.2 mph). it employs Mercedes-Benz’s 4ETS electronic traction system, which negates the need for mechanical differential locks, and at the same, ensuring slipped wheels get lesser attention from the power department, while those with tractions get the most out of the torque necessary for getting out of bad grounds. a “Low Range” reduction gear is also available for off-road use, though that is available as an option. the body of the Sprinter is raised by up to 110 mm (over 4 inches) to suit its new found off-road capability and does gain some fat, though not by much, of between 115-135 kg (254-298 lbs) due to the 4ETS.

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at the heart of the Sprinter 4×4 is a choice of two engines: a four-pot unit with two outputs option and a six-pot engine. the former comes in the form of a 2.15-liter force-induction unit with up to 163 hp (120 kW) and up to 360 Nm (265 lb-ft) of torque at a low rev range of between 1,400-2,400 rpm (1,200-2,400 rpm for the lower power output variant). the six-cylinder model, on the other hand, is a 3.0-liter V6 unit pumping out 190 horses with a peak torque of 440 Nm (324 lb-ft) at 1,600-1,800rpm and has four overhead camshafts to its name. all models will come standard with Eco Gear six-speed manual gearbox, though a five-speed automatic with converter is also available as an option. no word on the exact pricing, but according to Mercedes-Benz, the 4×4 will cost an extra €8,391 over the rear-wheel-drive Sprinter. we just digging the raised Sprinter 4×4. what about you? a few more look at the panel van body style after the jump.

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