the quality of iPhone 5/5s camera is undisputed, but however advanced it is, macro photography is not in the order and that is a brutal fact. when we said ‘macro’ we mean really, really close up, like observing the stamps, rocks, coins and even your skins. your curiosity for incredible details of everyday objects can be fulfilled and captured by your iPhone 5/5s awesome multi-element lens with the aid of the new olloclip Macro 3-IN-1 Clip-on Lens for iPhone and iPod touch. the new “interchangeable” macro lenses for iPhone which goes for $69.99, features three macro magnification, namely 21x, 14x and 7x, for the different level of detail you desire in mere 0.8 ounces (23 grams) package.

as always, the lens design is totally unobtrusive and readily fits into your pocket or purse, and is compatible with popular apps like Instagram, Facebook and iPhone’s Camera, iPhoto and iMovie. the lenses are engineered with six elements to ensure “more edge-to-edge clarity, greater depth of field, nicely diffused light on the image, less pincushion distortion and a higher degree of bokeh.” you can even record macro video, thanks to the 7x macro’s wider depth of field. like the olloclip 4-IN-1 iPhone Lens, deploying the macro lenses is as easy as a pie; just clip it on and you pretty much all set. your career in macro iPhone macro imaging will set you back at $69.99, which is the same price you’d pay for the 4-IN-1.

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olloclip Macro 3-IN-1 Clip-on Lens for iPhone

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