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texting while walking has become a culture among cell phone toting folks. needless to say, it is dangerous and it shouldn’t be done, especially when your other hand is occupied with other things like shopping bags. dangerous because you not only risk walking into a lamp post or worst, you may end up dropping your phone using it with just one hand. however, if you really must text or use your phone with one hand, then FLYGRIP is a must-have accessory to prevent any accidental dropping of your precious phone. it is a beautifully designed plastic that sticks to the back of virtually any phone and provides you with a T-shaped grip that two fingers can slip in comfortably and securely. so there you have it, a simple contraption that allows you to use your phone single-handedly. though it is worthy to note that it will be effective only for reasonable sized display, so don’t go around expecting an one-handed operation for huge phones like the Samsung Galaxy Note – unless you have gorilla-size hands. oh, in case you find that its price tag of $29.95 is overly pricey for a piece of plastic, its ability to double as a kickstand for both portrait and landscape orientations should perhaps offer a wee bit of consolation. available in seven attractive colors including our favorite hues, ravishing red and prosperous purple, and comes in three sizes to suit different finger sizes. yup. that’s right. different finger sizes. click through for a few more look and a product intro video.

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