If you’ve ever lay cables and try organizing them across the room’s floor, you will know how tedious the process is. The pain here involves getting the cables together, straightening them and eventually trying to secure them to floor by taping them down. Theoretically, it is a simple task. Practically, it is a daunting and time consuming chore. This is where an ingenious contraption called GaffGun comes in. GaffGun is like a semi-automatic stick-the-cables-to-the-floor gadget, which the company claims to be 29 times faster than the conventional way of tidying and taping the cables onto the floor. At a glance, GaffGun looks like a lovechild of a tape dispenser and a manual distance meter. In fact, it does function like both (except for measuring distance, of course).


All you have to do is load it up with the gaffer tape, place it over a section of organized wires, and push it along. As you proceed to move, the device will automatically bring together the cables even if they are not properly laid out, and lay down the tape over them. Obviously, this is not quite for home use, unless you consistently have so many cables to deal with at home to justify the $199 asking price. However, having been in the exhibition industry for nearly half a decade, the GaffGun sure sounds like a God-sent invention to me.

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When it comes to setting up of concerts, events and exhibitions, organizing cables and sticking them down to the floor is an avoidable affair and as such, a proposition that could save 96.6 percent time seems like a commercially sound investment and that’s not to mention saving yourself or your employees the backbreaking task of doing it the traditional way. Furthermore, the taping down result will definitely be more consistent as compared to manual taping process, which means a more pleasant presentation, albeit a rather minor one.


A huge thanks to Jonathan for taking time to hunt down and send us the images!

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