HEAVYS Headphones Engineered for Heavy Metal

If I describe a piece of audio equipment with eight drivers, you may think it is either a soundbar or just a regular monitor. But not in this instance. It is a pair of headphones. Specifically, a pair of audio can be engineered for heavy metal music.

HEAVYS Headphones Engineered for Heavy Metal

Called HEAVYS, this pair of made-for-heavy-metal audio cans do indeed have eight drivers – four on each ear cup where most typical headphones have just one on each. You’d be hard-pressed to find headphones with two drivers per ear cup let alone four.

How is it that this pair of cans is for heavy metal music? Well, apparently, it is designed for the frequency range and dynamics found on heavy metal recordings, letting you enjoy the raw power of metal music without the loudness that will damage your ears over time.

HEAVYS Headphones Engineered for Heavy Metal

This pair of headphones is not just any headphones; it is destined to be an audiophile can for headbangers. The development of HEAVYS is led by CTO Axel Grell, an engineer with involvement in Sennheiser HD series headphones.

Each ear cup features a crossover system that assigns one driver for low frequencies, one driver for midrange, and two for treble. The result? Reduced distortion and the ability to discern every detail, clearly and accurately, said HEAVYS. Now, I am intrigued.

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That’s not it. Special attention is given to the drivers’ placement too:

HEAVYS’ unique speaker location and acoustical setup generate a sound field on the sear that stimulates a natural, front-oriented soundfield… The tweeters are situated perpendicular to the ear, immediately in front of it, and the sound waves that come from several different directions use the ear canals to reach the eardrum for a surround-sound vibe.

HEAVYS Headphones Engineered for Heavy Metal

HEAVYS said music delivered through HEAVYS will sound like it is being played in front of you.

In addition, the headphone features a patent-pending psychoacoustic technology that lets you play music louder without the risk of damaging your hearing and without sacrificing clean, natural sound.

It does so by broadcasting certain frequencies at specific volumes that make you feel the music is louder but without adding pressure to the ear. There is an SPL dosimeter with a built-in pressure gauge to ensure that your ears will be protected.

HEAVYS Headphones Engineered for Heavy Metal

Other notables include Bluetooth 5.1 LE, wired (with included USB-C to USB-C cable) or wireless connection, physical controls on the ear cups, memory foam ear cushions, and resonance absorbing carbon fiber reinforced ear cup material.

You can learn more about this exciting new headphone over at its Kickstarter campaign page where you can secure a unit by pledging for a product for US$149 or more.

HEAVYS Headphones Engineered for Heavy Metal

Please be reminded that this is a crowdfunded product and as such it does have its risks. So, as always, do your due diligence before committing your hard-earned money. And yes, the campaign is funded at this point which means it is a go. The only thing left now is for the company to uphold its end of the deal.

Images: HEAVYS.