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Simple Method of Cleaning A Mac with Movavi Mac Cleaner [Review]

Were you aware that when your Mac’s hard drive starts to get too full it could affect the performance of your Mac as a whole – aside from also leaving you with no space to store new files? That is part of the reason why it is so important to clean your Mac regularly, so that your hard drive doesn’t start to fill up with unnecessary files. The only problem with cleaning a Mac is that it can be a tedious and time-consuming process. As you can well imagine trying to locate and delete unnecessary files manually is an arduous task, and often you may find that you aren’t sure which files are safe to delete and which ones aren’t. Continue reading Simple Method of Cleaning A Mac with Movavi Mac Cleaner [Review]

The Evolution of a Medical Device From Design to Concept to Life Saver

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This story is brought to you in collaboration with The Lead South Australia. The article is written by Jack Baldwin and was first published on The Lead on June 04, 2015.

WHEN paramedics or emergency personnel discover a patient who has suffered massive facial or airway trauma, often in situations like a car crash, they may have to perform a cricothyrotomy, which involves stabbing a tube into the patient’s throat so they can breath.

It’s a procedure you want them to get right.

But in these life-threatening situations a paramedic or doctor may have only ever performed the procedure on a training device. It’s therefore doubly important that this device teaches them the correct technique in an accurate and realistic way – it’s life or death. Continue reading The Evolution of a Medical Device From Design to Concept to Life Saver

Awesome New Home Automation Gadgetry That Men Will Love

Men like meat, sports, the female form, and gadgets. Like death and taxes, these are facts of life. The recent boom in home automation technology has made most men giddy with excitement, imaging having Bond-esque homes with high-tech gadgetry at every turn. Home automation isn’t just cool and stylish; it’s also convenient, giving you push-button control of many of a home’s functions. At this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, home automation took center stage as one of the most anticipated, exciting parts of the show. With so much cool home automation tech on the market and continuing to be released, here are some gadgets that most men are sure to love. Continue reading Awesome New Home Automation Gadgetry That Men Will Love

Luna iPhone Case

Your phone is, let’s face it, your most commonly used accessory and seldom will a minute go by where it isn’t residing in your hand, checking your tweets or updating your Instagram feed. With this in mind, it is important to make your smartphone as dapper as possible and we’re wiling to wager you’ll not find many better covers for an iPhone than one of these, frankly superb, Luna iPhone Cases from The Coolector Store. Continue reading Luna iPhone Case

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Blue Mens Watch

Audemars Piguet has recently re-launched their Royal Oak collection. The re-launch comes with six new timepieces to add to the collection including the very stylish Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Blue Men’s Watch. This particular piece comes with a selection of high quality features including an automatic movement with a ‘Monobloc’ oscillating weight in 22-carat gold containing 50 jewels. Continue reading Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Blue Mens Watch

Le Corbusier Furniture

With such a multitude of fine designers operating in the 20th century – we’re talking your Eames’, Jacobsen’s and Bertoia’s – it is easy to see why so many found it difficult to get a look in. One designer who rightly earned himself a place at the top table of design was Le Corbusier, who was responsible for some of the finest pieces of furniture of the last century. Continue reading Le Corbusier Furniture

LCW Chair

Charles Eames was a colossus of design responsible for dozens of pieces of hugely iconic and visually superb designer furniture and whilst he is perhaps best known for the likes of the DSW chair and his inimitable lounge chair and ottoman, he also created many other pieces of stunning furniture such as the LCW chair pictured above. Continue reading LCW Chair

Thonet Chairs

Interior design isn’t something that is always easy for men and we often don’t know where to begin when it comes to finding items with which to fill our homes so we will typically rely upon staple pieces of designer furniture that have been successful and iconic for generations and one such type of furniture that well and truly falls into this bracket is that of Thonet chairs. Continue reading Thonet Chairs

Anthony Logistics Men’s Grooming Products

Finding skincare products for men isn’t always straightforward because all we really want is simple, no-nonsense goods that go that job done without bells and whistles and Anthony Logistics men’s skincare products are exactly that and that’s why they are proving so immensely popular amongst men who want a simple and effective product for their skincare routine. Continue reading Anthony Logistics Men’s Grooming Products