SKG F5 Mini Massage Gun

The massage gun market is heating. Like quite literally. SKG has introduced a new massage gun with embedded heating function. The SKG F5 Mini Massage Gun is designed specifically designed for female users. The small size makes it easy to bring around. Moreover, the small size allows it to target problem areas that are hard to reach.

SKG F5 Mini Massage Gun

Armed with a 5V brushless motor, the device claims to be able to aid the improvement of muscle inflammation and tension with deep muscle release with three levels of frequency – up 3,200 RPM and doing so at noise level lower than 45 dB.

It also look different from the horde of massage guns we have seen thus far. F5 Mini ditches the power tool lookalike or futuristic aesthetic. In place is a sleek, curvy form that reminiscent that of a hairdryer – a look that’s definitely less, you know, gym-like.

SKG F5 Mini Massage Gun

The star feature of this 0.66-lb device is, of course, the built-in heat compress. In addition to the percussion therapy, the F5 has a heating mechanism embedded in the bottom of the handle to further help loosen muscles. The heating function, which has three levels of temperature: 40, 48 and 53 degrees Celsius (about 104, 118 and 127 Fahrenheit), can aid in warming up the muscle, dissolve the lactic acid and relax tight and rigid muscle tissue.

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So, there you have it. After a massage gun that lets you massage in the water, now comes one that introduce heat. I am beginning to wonder, what will be next for the massage gun development?

Anywho, if anyone’s interested, you can find the SKG F5 Mini Massage Gun selling on SKG store on Amazon for US$136.

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Images: SKG.