Well, this is definitely an exciting week for fans of Netflix. First thing, first. We finally have a new trailer for Stranger Things 4. OK. It’s not quite an actual trailer. It is more like a teaser:

For those who aren’t aware, the new story centers around Creel House, a place with an ominous history. It is not clear if Creel House is located in Hawkins. Anyways, it was quite a huge turn compared to the previous teasers. We can hardly wait.

And oh, we noticed there is a cryptic message along with the teaser post on YouTube. Nothing was on description except for this: 003/004. I am going to assume it is the number of teasers before the actual series hits the streaming platform? I don’t know.

Another big news is, season 2 of The Witcher is shaping up pretty fast. Netflix has shared a trailer along with a number of first look videos. Obviously, spoilers haters should avoid all these at all costs. If you are not bothered by spoilers, then good news, here are the videos:

Finally, we have one important piece of news from the live-action Cowboy Bebop. Netflix has shared the opening credits of the new TV series and oh boy, it is quite a treat!

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The opening credits is very, well, anime-inspired and very faithful to the anime. Can’t wait to watch the entire series.

Images: Netflix/YouTube (Netflix).

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