It looks like promo for the next season of Stranger Things is about to go on full swing. Following the first official teaser in two years and a tease by LEGO, Threezero has revealed a new Netflix’s Stranger Things 1/6 Demogorgon collectible figure.

ThreeZero Stranger Things 1/6 Demogorgon Figure

The Stranger Things 1/6 Demogorgon stands around 16 inches (40.5 cm) tall and despite it not having visible joints, it actually has over 24 points of articulation.

These joints, including the torso, elbow, and ankle, that afford the figure with posability are cleverly hidden under the soft PVC “skin”. The latter features a realistic multi-layered paint applications that bring the nefarious creature from the upside down to life.

ThreeZero Stranger Things 1/6 Demogorgon Figure

While it does not appear to have posable hands, it does come with two pairs of hands for different posing options as well as two interchangeable heads: an open mouth and a close mouth. head. Lovely.

The ThreeZero Stranger Things 1/6 Demogorgon Figure is expected to ship sometime in Q4 2021. Fans can already pre-order the figure from today for US$249 a pop.

Images: ThreeZero.

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