The Yolopark x Transformers IIES 24” Optimus Prime Figure would be the most screen accurate and the most advanced, non-transformable Optimus Prime figure ever to be created. But man, the US$2,000+ price tag is not for the faint of heart.

Yolopark x Soskill Optimus Prime Model Kit

Thankfully, Yolopark has teamed up with fellow toy maker Soskill for a model kit version which should be easier on fans’ wallet. Granted that the price is yet to be announced. But hey, a model kit should be significantly more affordable than the Yolopark IIES model.

Little is known about this Hasbro officially licensed Transformers collectible model kit, except that it is the Optimus Prime in its Earth Mode based on the 2018’s Transformers Bumblebee movie. It stands at 300 mm (12 inches) tall and it is made from a combination of ABS, PVC and metal, and it will feature electronic components of some kind.

Yolopark x Soskill Optimus Prime Model Kit

At the time of this post, only gray prototype images of the product are available on Yolopark website, but even then, they do look quite promising in the areas of details and posability.

The figure is expected to release in Q4 2021 and in limited territories which include Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippine, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam.

Yolopark x Soskill Optimus Prime Model Kit

Pre-order will open soon for the Yolopark x Soskill Bumblebee The Movie Earth Mode Optimus Prime PLAMO.

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Images: Yolopark.

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