The world of collectible figures is going to get a shake up by the Yolopark x Transformers IIES 24-inc Optimus Prime Figure. The leader of Autobots may not have a lot of screen time, but it sure has a lot of love as a collectible figure. The latest is the Yolopark x Transformers IIES 24″ Optimus Prime Figure with an engineering that will absolutely blow your mind.

Yolopark x Transformers IIES 24” Optimus Prime Figure

Yolopark x Transformers IIES 24″ Optimus Prime Figure may not be transformable, but the Internal Interconnect Endoskeleton System (IIES) is going to blow your mind. Where regular collectible figures use ratchet joints, IIES uses a series cogs and gears, and even employing belts, to achieve smooth and realistic (well, movie-speak, that is) movements.

This figure uses both IIES points of articulations and traditional points of articulations to achieve a mind-bending 333 points of articulations (!). IIES alone accounts for 193 articulations. It can be found in the neck, abs, shoulder, legs et cetera, and even in the included blaster canon incorporates IIES (which not included in the 333 count, btw). Absolutely mind blowing.

Thanks the combination of IIES and external points of articulations, the Yolopark x Transformers IIES 24″ Optimus Prime Figure can perform movements that traditional figures can’t, including side abs crunch.

Other highlights include fully articulated human-like fingers, interchangeable skin, LED light up function (eyes, Matrix of Leadership, and Blaster Gun), voice effect activated by pushing down the mask, and special rotating mechanical gears to push out and pull back chest panel to reveal the Matrix – just like you will see in the movie (though I don’t we have actually see that before for the Cybertronian Prime).

Yolopark x Transformers IIES 24” Optimus Prime Figure

The Yolopark x Transformers IIES 24″ Optimus Prime Figure towers at 24 inches (62 cm) tall and it is offered in Standard and Deluxe edition. However, at the time of this post, the latter is already sold out.

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As far as the standard version goes, it is limited to just 2,000 numbered pieces worldwide with serial number running from 501-2500 (1-500 being the Deluxe). Before you get too excited, you ought to know such advanced collectible figure does not come cheap. It costs a princely sum of US$2,199. Yikes.

If the price does not deter you, then you are most welcome to pre-order the figure on Yolopark website as we speak. A US$300 deposit is required for the pre-order. The product is expected to ship in Q3 2021.

All images courtesy of Yolopark.

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