I am sure you have seen enough of the tensegrity structures that went viral a couple of months ago. For the uninitiated, tensegrity is a structure that uses tensional integrity aka floating compression to enable isolated components to kind of magically stay afloat with just flexible ropes or strings.

At one point, LEGO tensegrity structures are all the rage too. So, it is old news, but not when you have a full-size tensegrity structure that you can actually sit on (but doing it in a super gentle manner).

The Floating Tensegrity Chair by The Q

That’s right. Someone actually did that and that someone is, not surprisingly, The Q. As you can see in the video below, the process to arrive to tensegrity chair isn’t a walk in the park, but The Q made it and it is absolutely surreal.

Now, we have all witness a tensegrity structure taking payload, but this is the first time I am seeing a DIY structure that is capable of taking a full-growth man’s weight. Amazing stuff. And not to mention that the chair looks pretty dope too. Continue reading to see witness the build process yourself.

Images: YouTube (The Q).


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