It looks like LEGO is collaborating with Netflix’s Stranger Things once more. Though it is not clear it will be a marketing collaboration, or will there be a new LEGO Stranger Things set. What am I talking about? It is probably the latter. How can it not be, right?

Two days after Netflix’s dropped the new official teaser trailer for Stranger Things, LEGO posted on Twitter a cryptic tweet that simply says: “Something strange is happening…” followed by hashtags of both Stranger Things and LEGO.

It is important to note that the tweet was accompanied by an image. The image was a LEGO version of one of the scene from the teaser trailer, showing a kid placing a red cube on top of bunch of red cubes.

Now that got me wondering if this scene is something of an importance to the new season. What significance does this red cube has? Was that Eleven who was placing the cubes? (Probably not. As shown in the trailer, she’s being locked behind her own “cell”).

OK. Perhaps, I am overthinking here. Anyways… It is likely that there is going to be at least one LEGO Stranger Things set and perhaps, like in 2019, a marketing collaboration will follow.

TBH, if there is going to be a LEGO Stranger Things set, I think it will be hard to beat the first. The Upside Down set is just about as recognizable and as iconic to Stranger Things at this point.

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Image: Twitter (@LEGO_Group).

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