Couch sizing is an underrated first world problem. Often, we force ourselves to accept “standard issue” sofa even if it does not suit the space or interior color. But that is going to change with Transformer Couch from Canadian furniture maker, Transformer Table.

Transformer Couch by Transformer Table

Transformer Couch is a rearrangeable, modular seating solution which can work to adapt to your room and your prefer use. Nothing is set in concrete. You can rearrange it however you like. You can turn it into an accent chair, a bed, a lounger, and more.

It is a true flat-pack sofa too. And so, yeah, it comes in flat-packed. In fact, it comes in the flattest pack for a sofa we have ever seen and thanks to its innovative design, it can be assemble in a matter of minutes.

Transformer Couch by Transformer Table

Transformer Couch consists of a hardwood seat frame with sinuous steel springs and 8-way hand-tied webbing, heavy duty steel rod armrests and backrests, heavy duty steel legs and plastic U-shaped connectors.

The robust seat frame is paired to seating cushions made with three 2.2 high-density foam layers while the back and armrests boast premium quality spun fibers and Dacron fillings which are blown, baffled and bagged.

Transformer Couch by Transformer Table

Completing the couch are removable and machine washable slipcovers for all cushions, pillows and frame. Removable and washable covers mean you can keep the sofa clean and fresh, and also you will have to choice to change to a different color and/or material to keep it up to date with your interior decor.

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I think the biggest boon with this couch is, every component is replaceable. This means there is no need to replace entire couch if any component is damaged.

Transformer Couch by Transformer Table

If you are sold by the idea, you may want to consider pre-ordering it from Kickstarter where a pledge of 1,499 Canadian dollars or more (US$1,232 and up) will secure you a set.

The campaign just went live a while ago, but already, it has blew past its funding goal, rolling in over US$800K with nearly 300 backers.

Transformer Couch by Transformer Table

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All images courtesy of Transformer Table.

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