KA-BAR Zombie Killer Knives

KA-BAR Zombie Killer Knives
KA-BAR Zombie Killer Knives | from US$59.99 | www.kabar.com

whether you are an avid knife collector or a doomsday prepper, the new KA-BAR Zombie Killer Knives should make a nice addition to your growing collection or Zombie defense arsenal. there are four zombie-themed knives to choose from, each appropriately named: KA-BAR “Death” Dagger, KA-BAR “Famine” Tanto, KA-BAR “Pestilence” Chopper, and KA-BAR “War” Sword. each knife features a striking Toxic Green handle, ultra sharp steel blade essential for stabbing the brains out of the undead and comes packaged with a durable nylon sheath with belt loop and accessory pouch, 9′ of zombie green paracord, an alternate black scale handle for those who prefers a more tactical route, and a 3 1/4-inch backup knife. buyers can choose to buy the knives individually for $59.99 each or arm themselves with the set of four for $209.99, which is of course, the cheaper option. check out a few more look after the break.

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