Dread brushing your teeth every night? Well, who doesn’t? It is a necessary evil that one cannot do without. But fret not. Your days of brushing, flossing, and rinsing are over… as long as you shower. How so? ToothShower. ToothShower is exactly what it says it is: a shower for your teeth and as such, it is also designed to be used inside the shower, so you can shower your body and your precious ivories in a continuous, seamless routine and without worrying about making a mess of yourself. Makes sense cos’ you are already showering, aren’t you?

ToothShower In-shower Oral Care Solution

ToothShower is wall-mounted and it hooks up to your existing shower system to harness the power of the water pressure to power it. No threat of electricity, no hassle of batteries and obviously, no danger of tripping over, and you’d be freeing up your counter space too. ToothShower promised to clean 100 percent of your teeth surfaces, not the 60 percent yield via average brushing – thanks to the three-step solution comprising of a dual-headed toothbrush, an irrigating tip, and an irrigating gum massager. With this “world’s first complete oral care solution for the shower,” you can ditch flossing altogether too. Not that flossing is any effective. Oh, it does braces too.

ToothShower In-shower Oral Care Solution

But the real draw here? 10 seconds is all it takes. Now, tell me you are not sold at all. Though, how effective it really is, is unclear, but hey, with water and brushes, what can possibly stay hidden in between your beautiful enamels? If you are convinced, then you may want to consider joining over a thousand backers, whom have contributed more than $100K at the time of this writing, on Kickstarter to pre-order ToothShower. So, yeah, it is already funded and hence, a contribution of $79 or more will bag you a setup destined for May 2018 delivery. You can learn more about ToothShower in the pitch video below, or head on to the campaign page for more details.

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Images courtesy of ToothShower.

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