SOOCAS Neos Is Not An Ordinary Electric Toothbrush. It Brushes And Flosses At The Same Time

Maintaining your enamel can be an exhausting chore. There’s the repetitive cleaning action that seems to take eternity and if you want to get to the crevices, you gotta floss. What if you can do both with fewer “actions” at the same time? Well, folks, this is exactly what the SOOCAS Neos is made for.

Bitvae Smart S2 Electric Toothbrush: It’s App-enabled, Connects via Bluetooth

Between stuffing a hands-free gadget into your mouth and manually brushing your teeth with a regular toothbrush, there is the electric toothbrush. Obviously, electric toothbrushes are not new and so are Bluetooth app-enabled electric toothbrushes. So, yes, the new Bitvae Smart S2 Electric Toothbrush with Bluetooth is yet another.

Blocc Is A Super Stylish Face Shield That Will Stop You From Touching Your Face

Can’t stop yourself from touching your face? Well, fret not, my friends because, Blocc is here to stop you from unconsciously touching your face. Blocc is fully transparent face shield and while it may not be medical-grade, it is one heck of uber stylish face shield suited to be worn everyday.

PumpPiX Is A Spider-Man’s Web Shooter-like Contraption That Dispenses Sanitizer

COVID-19 is a disease unleashed by supervillain novel coronavirus and if Spider-Man were to fight it, he probably have to switch out one of his web shooters for the PumpPiX. Alas, the friendly neighborhood superhero isn’t real. So, he won’t be here to wear this. You, however, is real and can totally use PumpPiX.