Given the advancement in tech, we are still manually applying toothpaste. If that felt like a major chore to you, then the Self-dispensing UV-C Toothbrush by Nest Brush is for you.

Self-dispensing UV-C Toothbrush by Nest Brush

Self-dispensing UV-C Toothbrush by Nest Brush is exactly what it says it is: a toothbrush that, at a press of a button, introduces toothpaste to the soft, gum-friendly, food-grade silicone bristles.

The magic lies in a refillable 30 ml container which you have to fill with the toothpaste of your choice. Nest Care Inc., the company behind Nest Brush, said the toothpaste should last you a month. So, that’s once-of-month labor for you toothpaste-squeezing haters.

Self-dispensing UV-C Toothbrush by Nest Brush

The fact that it dispenses toothpaste is not what draws us to it; it is the award-winning ergonomic design that caught our eyes. Damn. This is one beautiful oral hygiene device. No doubt about it. Though how it actually works in real life remains to be seen.

However, I do see it as a toothbrush good for traveling as you can save yourself the hassle of bringing a separate tube of toothpaste. Speaking of which, it does come with a travel case.

Toothpaste dispensing is the only gimmick it has; it also comes with a very cool magnetic stand that has UV-C 1-min sterilization to keep the bristle free of invisible nasties.

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You may learn more about this innovative toothbrush over at its Kickstarter campaign page where you can, if so desire, back for a product. Be warned though, it is not cheap. It will run you back at least US$65.

[UPDATE January 16, 2022; 11:01 PM PST] The Nest Brush is still available to buy under the Indiegogo InDemand program. The asking price is US$33-54 a pop. Go check it out.

Self-dispensing UV-C Toothbrush by Nest Brush

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Images: Nest Care Inc.

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