I am not going to lie. I have not heard about Chargeworx prior to today, but I must say the company’s rechargeable backup battery for home has captured our attention. Call me superficial, or whatever, but I can’t deny its looks had my attention. Come’on, you gotta to admit the cute form coupled with digital forest camo does make quite a statement, doesn’t it? Apparently, the Home models are the first for this company that makes all-thing charging. Debuted at the recently concluded CES 2017, Chargeworx Home series comprise of four models featuring multiple output options including AC, DC, 12V and USB, and solar recharging in addition to regular outlet charging.

There’s also a multifunction Bluetooth-enabled model with A2DP music streaming capability. And those capabilities and features are packed into an eye-pleasing package that, depending on model, has the potential to power most appliances, electronics, or medical devices for up to a week. As a boon, Chargeworx Home models are not here just to fill in the power void during an outage at home; it is totally camping-worthy – thanks to its ultra portable form factor, complete with a thoughtful carrying handle for ease of handling.

Chargeworx Home line of batteries is slated for Q2 availability and they can be acquired from 7-11, Kohl’s, JC Penny, Hudson News, HMS host travel stops, as well as airport stores. Prices start at $499 and may run up to as much as $799, depending on the model.

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Image: Chargeworx.

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