Chargeworx TV-Powering Home Battery Is Outdoor-friendly Too

I am not going to lie. I have not heard about Chargeworx prior to today, but I must say the company’s rechargeable backup battery for home has captured our attention. Call me superficial, or whatever, but I can’t deny its looks had my attention. Come’on, you gotta to admit the cute form coupled with digital […]

Will Tesla Powerwall 2 And Solar Roof Become Threats To Utility Providers?

A year after the introduction of electric power suppliers’ worst nightmare, the Powerwall Home Battery, Tesla is at it again, these time doubling electric power suppliers’ nightmare by two fold. Not did it introduced a higher capacity home battery, aptly called Powerwall 2, Tesla also unveiled roof tile-replacing solar panels called, well, Solar Roof. The […]

Nissan Leaf’s Lithium-ion Batteries Given Second Life as Stationary Commercial Energy Storage

Tesla has done it and so has Mercedes-Benz. Now, Japan automaker Nissan is also into it. Yes. We are talking about stationary energy storage system for homes and businesses. While Tesla and Mercedes made announcements mainly for home use, Nissan’s iteration is geared towards commercial usage and it didn’t start from scratch either. Instead, Nissan […]

Mercedes-Benz Goes Head-to-Head with Tesla with its Own Home Battery

Still brooding over the fact that you weren’t fast enough and missed out on Tesla’s Powerwall Home Battery? Well, it turns out, Tesla isn’t in the home battery game alone. Mercedes-Benz is in it too and the German luxury car maker is calling it “Private Energy Storage Plant.” Don’t be scare off by the word […]

Tesla Powerwall Home Battery is a Solar Panel-friendly Backup Battery for Your Home

You have backup batteries for gadgets and even for desktop computers and other equipment, but what about your home in general? You know, for times when outages hit your locality? This is what the Tesla Powerwall Home Battery is for, well, at least in the basic sense. Just think of it as a big-ass uninterrupted […]

This Portable Battery System Can Power a 60” LED TV for 10 Hours

These days, adventurers and camping enthusiasts heads into the great outdoor with a lot of gadgets, but probably not as many as they would have love to have due to the electricity needed to power them, which kind of explains the popularity of products like the world’s most funded cooler. The prospect of being able […]

KATANA Hilt Holds Your iPhone and Charges Too

can’t get enough of quirky accessories for your iPhone? how about a KATANA hilt to hold your iPhone up? our opinion on this? super weird, but fun. little is known about this cool product, but based on our relentless search, it appears to be a concept design conceived by a Tokyo-based design studio known by the name of…

CHUGPLUG External Battery Pack For MacBooks

MacBooks are sleek. the unibody design though desirable is as good as just eye-candy when the battery goes flat and worst, the battery can’t be swapped out for a fresh one unlike some laptops do. however, with the CHUGPLUG External Battery Pack For MacBooks from Lenmar Enterprises, you could have up to…

MOGA Power Smartphone Game Controllers

mobile gaming using touchscreen is not exactly the most ideal mode of control and that’s not mention how gaming tends to drain precious juice from your communication device. the solution? the MOGA Power Smartphone Game Controllers which comprises of two models: the MOGA Hero Power and the MOGA Pro Power.

Nokia Universal Portable USB Charger DC-18

there are several reasons why we chose to feature the Nokia Universal Portable USB Charger DC-18. firstly, we thought its design is pretty dope; secondly, we seldom come across handset maker who actually design and make a portable charger to complement their handsets. the latter is probably a taboo, like