MacBooks are sleek. the unibody design though desirable is as good as just eye-candy when the battery goes flat and worst, the battery can’t be swapped out for a fresh one unlike some laptops do. however, with the CHUGPLUG External Battery Pack For MacBooks from Lenmar Enterprises, you could have up to four hours of quality time with your MacBook. the concept behind the CHUGPLUG is the same as the portable juice pack for your cell phone. you get it topped up and it will be ready to supply your MacBook with the electrons necessary for a few more hours of usage. it uses your existing MagSafe power adapter to pack in the necessary electrons into its internal lithium-polymer battery (no info on the capacity was offered, though), which takes about two hours to fully charge, or simply plug the end of of the MagSafe to your MacBook to power it up.

available for 45W or 60W newer MacBooks, the CHUGPLUG External Battery Pack will provide up to four extra hours for 11-inch MacBook Air, or up to three hours for the 13-inch MacBook Air or MacBook Pro, and it is designed to work internationally, drawing in 100-240VAC 1/2A/50-60Hz AC power and outputting 120-250V DC power. the hardware measures 9 x 2.9 x 1.1 inches and tips the scale at just 1.1 lbs (499 grams), which makes easy to lug along to your next trip. the CHUGPLUG External Battery Pack for MacBooks will cost $159.99 when it becomes available in March 2014.

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CHUGPLUG External Battery Pack For MacBooks

Lenmar via Gadgeteer

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