When it comes to home security camera, you hardly find us, let alone anyone, saying it is a beauty. But today, we have to say it because of the Polaroid Hoop Home Security Camera. Yep. Polaroid, the revived iconic instant camera maker, has a security camera, made possible by authorized Polaroid licensee C+A Global. With Hoop, Polaroid promised to simplify home security, dispensing with cumbersome installation and confusing interfaces; instead, it adheres closely to the company’s philosophy of simplicity and elegance that transcends design and into usability.

Polaroid Hoop Home Security Camera by C+A Global
Shown here in black.

Outfitted with a 140-degree lens to provide the best coverage possible, Hoop captures video in 1080p and like any good WiFi-enabled home security camera, it features remotely monitoring, advanced motion detection, push notification when abnormality pops up, and a proprietary algorithm that, over time, learn to distinguish between normal daily events and those unplanned occurrence. It can even learn to distinguish between people and animals, so pet fido and/or your feline friend won’t trigger an alert, and when it does get triggered, Hoop will automatically record the footage to an optional microSD card or in the cloud while pushing an alert to you at the same.

Polaroid Hoop Home Security Camera by C+A Global
It is a beauty from the back too.

It also touts ease of management, allowing a bunch of Hoop to be grouped together and labelled, so viewing and events in specific areas can easily picked out, as well as schedule recordings for a specific area. Finally, this Ammunition-designed home security camera comes with a removable “long-lasting” battery pack, therefore allowing it to be placed way out of power source availability – even outdoors which is built to do too – if so required. With a battery pack, it removes Hoop from the mercy of power outages, thus allowing it to continue carrying out its duty when the power is down and out. The Polaroid Hoop will hit the market this Spring with a MSRP of $199.99.

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Polaroid Hoop Home Security Camera by C+A Global
Elegantly hidden microSD card slot.
Polaroid Hoop Home Security Camera by C+A Global
I know what it looks like, but no, this ain’t a showerhead.

Image: Polaroid.

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