Polaroid Lab Will Turn Your Smartphone Into A Polaroid Instant Camera, Well, Kind Of

You probably have tens of thousands of photos in your smartphone, but lets be honest here. When was the last time you actually look at them? Hardly. Ever. That said, wouldn’t it be nice to relive those memories at a glance, as opposed to tapping and swiping? Well, that’s where Polaroid Lab.

Polaroid OneStep 2 Turned Upside Down For Stranger Things Edition

I find myself wanting the new Polaroid OneStep 2: Stranger Things Edition and I am not even a huge fan of the Netflix sci-fi series. That’s right. Fans of Stranger Things, Polaroid has announced that it has given its OneStep 2 I-Type instant camera a Stranger Things makeover. The classic black and white colorway of […]

Polaroid insta-share Printer Turns Moto Z2 Into An “Instant Camera”

The strongest selling point of Motorola Moto Z2, like the original Z, is its modularity. You can add attachments to the back of the device to turn it into a portable speaker, a 360 camera, a portable gaming device, a projector, a camera with True zoom, and now, an instant photo printer and it has […]

Polaroid Brings Back Analog Instant Camera With OneStep 2 I-Type Camera

There are still a handful of instant camera around, like the Lomo’Instant Square Camera, for example, but however instant those are, it will never be the same as the good’ol Polaroid you have grown to love. Apparently, Polaroid understand the instant photography community’s love for analog instant camera and therefore, it has brought back the […]

More Stuff From Polaroid: Smartwatches, Smart TV And More

Rest assure that this blog and these few posts are not sponsored by Polaroid. I wish it was, so we could stop worrying about our finance. Anywho, there are few more products coming from this 80 year old company which serve to further cement that fact that it is here to stay after being revived. […]

Polaroid Steps Up Its Game In The Camera Drone With 1080p Capability

Ok, maybe the current Polaroid drone is a tad too toyish for your taste, but if you hold out a little longer, there’s a trio of new camera drones from the famed instant camera maker destined for US market offered by its authorized licensee, Abrim Enterprises, Inc. The three drones, namely, PL2500, PL2300, and PL1000, […]

Polaroid Hoop Simplifies Home Monitoring, Has A Design That Wows

When it comes to home security camera, you hardly find us, let alone anyone, saying it is a beauty. But today, we have to say it because of the Polaroid Hoop Home Security Camera. Yep. Polaroid, the revived iconic instant camera maker, has a security camera, made possible by authorized Polaroid licensee C+A Global. With […]

Polaroid Pop Shoots, Print In 3×4” Format, Print For Other Devices Too

Polaroid has a new instant digital camera and it is called Pop. So what’s makes Pop pops? First and obviously, it makes instant print, courtesy of an integrated printer that uses ZINK Zero Ink Printing Technology and second, it prints in the iconic 3×4” format with the Polaroid Classic Border Logo, giving you the familiar […]

Shot Glass Camera Mount – Captures Bottoms Up POV With Polaroid Cube

Lets face it. GoPro is the undisputed action cam of choice when it comes to capturing, well, action sports. To be honest, we can’t wrap our head around why this boxy thing has become the de facto action cam of choice despite its defiance against basic aerodynamic principles. Anywho, that’s the fact. However, one thing […]

Polaroid BrightSaber Lights Up Your Subject, Not Maim Or Kill Them

At a glance, BrightSaber looks like a toy Lightsaber for kids, but it is, of course, not. Granted, the name does sound a little pun-ish (probably, intentional) but it has absolutely nothing in common with a fictional Lightsaber except that both lights up brightly. And so, yeah, BrightSaber is neither a sci-fi weapon-made-real, nor is […]