Speaking of Polaroid collaborations. Joining Polaroid collab with Fendi is Teva, an American footwear maker. That’s right. There’s now a Teva co-branded Polaroid camera too. However, unlike Polaroid x Fendi Vintage Camera, the Polaroid x Teva Instant Camera pretty much retains the vintage look and feel of the Polaroid 600.

Polaroid x Teva Instant Camera

The camera is professionally refurbished and tested and comes with a co-branded strap, made with REPREVE recycled yarn. The instant snapper itself is textured black accented with rusty gold, a rusty gold Teva branding and a rainbow colored Polaroid-branded graphics.

This being a Polaroid 600 means it uses black and white or color Polaroid 600 instant film, with each film cartridge featuring built in batteries. It has a 110 mm f10, fixed focus lens that can captures images from 4’ to infinity. It also features a direct viewfinder, manual exposure control, automatic shutter speeds, electronic shutter release, and built-in flash with manual override.

Polaroid x Teva Instant Camera

Like the Fendi’s, this is a must-have for fans and collectors. But the difference is, unlike Fendi’s, the Polaroid x Teva Instant Camera will be a little lighter on your wallet; it will cost you just US$160.

Images: Polaroid/Teva.

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