What you see here is possibly the most expensive Polaroid Vintage Camera money can buy. It is the Polaroid x Fendi Vintage Camera, a Fendi co-branded Polaroid instant camera.

Polaroid x Fendi Vintage Camera

As you can see, it is the Polaroid OneStep Close-Up 600 wrapped in warped FF logo. The result is a camera that looks like it had a fabric draped over it. The warped FF logo was a creation of New York artist Sarah Coleman and the camera is offered as part of Fendi Summer Capsule 2021.

This particular model is a Polaroid 636, first created in the 90s. With the unique Fendi artwork, the camera has been given a new, refreshing aesthetic. If you collect cameras, or Polaroid cameras, this should be a must-have.

Polaroid x Fendi Vintage Camera

Although you ought to know that it ain’t cheap. The Polaroid x Fendi Vintage Camera will run you back at nearly a thousand dollars, at US$980 a pop. That’s over 800% more than a regular Polaroid 600.

The Polaroid x Fendi Vintage Camera joins the growing number of present and past Polaroid collaborations that include The Mandalorian, Lacoste, Parks Project, Stranger Things, and more.

Images: Fendi/Polaroid.

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