Parks For Lovers Polaroid Camera

There’s probably no relation between Polaroid and the day when people celebrates love. OK. Maybe there is, if you are old enough to reminisce the time you and partner where out instant photographing yourselves. Whatever the case maybe, you may want to gift your love one a gadget to remind both of you of those days. If so, Parks For Lovers Polaroid Camera is for you.

Parks For Lovers Polaroid Camera

To celebrate Valentine’s Day, Retrospekt and Parks Project have teamed up to release a limited edition, refurbished Polaroid 600 analog instant camera that we thought looks fantastic.

Under the hood of this retro, V-Day-inspired body are painstakingly refurbished parts. While we admire the dedication to resurrect this classic instant shooter, what most important is, every purchase of this little guy contributed to the National Park Foundation’s efforts to help disadvantaged youth discover the outdoors.

Parks For Lovers Polaroid Camera

As far as the hardware goes, it features a fixed focus lens (4’ to infinity and beyond, just kidding – just infinity), built-in flash with override option, exposure compensation slider, built-in neck strap, and obviously, no battery required because, the battery is inside each film pack.

Parks For Lovers Polaroid Camera can be had for $160.

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Images: Retrospekt/Parks Project/Polaroid.