As much I love gold, I never thought gold is a good match with the tough nature of G-Shock, but hey, to each of his/her own. And if “your own” is gold or rose gold, you are going to love the KITH x G-Shock GM6900 Rose Gold.

Long story short, KITH x G-Shock GM6900 Rose Gold is based on the forged metal bezel GM6900 we saw recently and it was an official collab between KITH and Casio to mark the 25th anniversary of the 6900.

KITH x G-Shock GM6900 Rose Gold

Now, we know why the original lineup did not had a rose gold version. The honor was reserved for KITH’s touches. This is not the first Casio and KITH collab, though. There was another 6900 which was accented with rose gold.

This one is obviously man steps up as it has the entire watch, through to the crystal, in rose gold. KITH’s touches go beyond just the finish; it can also found on the prominent button staple to the 6900.

Instead of the usual ‘G’, this model is debossed with KITH logo. The same treatment can be found on the metal stay. Another design touch can only be seen when you activate the KITH button.

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Once pressed, the words “JUST US” – a term often used by KITH branded products – appears when the display lights up. Keen eye G-Shock fans may also noticed in this watch, it uses positive LCD that has dark numbers on a light background as opposed to the usual negative LCD.

Rounding up watch design is a band decorated with subtle KITH monogram pattern. Each watch comes with two bands: a black and a white version. In addition to KITH’s touches are the usual G-Shock features like shock and water resistance, and whatnot.

Unfortunately, despite it costing more than regular 6900, the $380 watch is gone now. It was offered on February 10, under KITH’s Monday Program where it was snapped up. Ugh. We apologize for not bringing this up sooner.

Additional images: KITH.

Images and source: HODINKEE.

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