If you are as intrigued by aircraft carriers like myself, then I am sure you will dig Polish game developer, CreativeForge Games’ upcoming video game, Aircraft Carrier Survival.

Aircraft Carrier Survival Video Game

Aircraft Carrier Survival is an aircraft carrier simulator set in World War II. The game lets control all aspect of an aircraft carrier operation, including the crew, officers, and planes.

In this game, you get to plan your missions by choosing the right equipment, crew, and escort for each mission. The idea is simple. Complete the mission given while sustaining minimal loss and/or attacks by your adversaries.

Aircraft Carrier Survival Video Game
There is something beautiful about cross section view…

So, yeah, it is basically a naval warfare management video game. Like a real war, your success is based on your decisive action.

You will have assign and chose what your officers should focus on and for any given mission, you can choose to engage the enemy head on, or play it stealth by sneaking past them. The choice is yours.

From the looks of it, it should be a pretty realistic aircraft carrier simulator. So realistic that there’s damage control to deal with in an event of a fire outbreak, torpedo strikes, hull flooding and whatnot.

Aircraft Carrier Survival Video Game
There is disaster control element in it too.

The usual assets and arsenal associated with an aircraft carrier group are at your disposal. Use whatever necessary to ward off enemy attacks. And oh, there is intel too which you will need to leverage to prepare your missions.

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The Aircraft Carrier Survival is set to hit Steam in Q2 2021. Meanwhile, the Prologue has been launched for free for you to have a taste of what is to come. Keep going for the official game trailer.

Images: CreativeForge Games.

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