Remember the HODINKEE G-Shock watch by John Mayer? Well, it turns out, it was the first of the three planned. There was a second model introduced last, which we did not feature. Fast forward to this year, the third and final model, the G-Shock DW6900JM22-2 By John Mayer for HODINKEE was introduced.

G-Shock DW6900JM22-2 By John Mayer for HODINKEE

The G-Shock DW6900JM22-2 By John Mayer aka G-Shock Ref. 6900-PT1 By John Mayer was inspired by a 1980s classic – and the American singer/songwriter’s very first keyboard – the Casio PT-1 which had a unique light blue colorway (something you don’t see often on keyboards).

The DW6900-based watch was treated to a similar light blue colorway, a matte dusty blue case, and a band. The blue colorway offers an uplifting and playful color compared to the previous two collaborations.

The presence of PT-1 does not stop there. Peach, coral, and turquoise colors found on the keyboard were brought in to highlight the “Triple Graph” display, which feels right at home against the soft cream dial.

G-Shock DW6900JM22-2 By John Mayer for HODINKEE

Meanwhile, the darker grey from the sharp and flat keys found its way to the illuminator button, and finally, all four indicators for the buttons share the navy color from the writing on the PT-1 which is a perfect accent on the light blue background.

The peach, coral, and turquoise can also be found on the packaging too which is a cool touch, packaging-wise.

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Beyond John’s first keyboard colorways, the G-Shock DW6900JM22-2 By John Mayer for HODINKEE is pretty much the DW6900 we have known.

G-Shock DW6900JM22-2 By John Mayer for HODINKEE

This means the toughness we all expect from a G-Shock watch, along with a 1/100th Stopwatch (24 Hr.), Countdown Timer (24 Hr.), Multi-Function Alarm, Flash Alert, EL Backlight with Afterglow, 12/24-Hour Time Formats, two-year battery life, and water resistance to 200 meters (about 660 feet or 20 ATM).

The G-Shock DW6900JM22-2 By John Mayer for HODINKEE is available since December 13, 2022, for US$180, at, the G-Shock SoHo Store, select G-Shock retailers, and the HODINKEE Shop.

But the last we checked, it appears to be sold out. But fear not because the previous two models are still available and so my guess is, it will be back in store. So you may want to wait it out. Then again I could be wrong.

Images: Casio America, Inc.

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