Carry your Polaroid Now instant camera around with a lot of styles with the Official Polaroid Now Camera Bag. The bag is not just stylish; it is kind of retro too, which is fitting for the camera.

Official Polaroid Now Camera Bag

Official Polaroid Now Camera Bag is made of sturdy polyester in white and features a soft fleece lining, foldover flap with magnetic closure, and chunky, colored adjustable strap that continues to the sides of the bag where you will find a large Polaroid name slapped on it.

Completing the look is the iconic Polaroid rainbow branding, tastefully incorporated as a tab on the foldover flap. Befitting its image of fun, instant imaging, the bag is available in 5 lively colors.

Official Polaroid Now Camera Bag

The Official Polaroid Now Camera Bag can be had now in Europe for €23.99 (about US$28.10). We did not find it in the US store, though.

Official Polaroid Now Camera Bag

Images: Polaroid [EU].

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