Ever witness an unwilling juggler? You know, like when an object accidentally slips off a person’s hands and he or she started juggling trying to, well, get a grip on the object? Well, we do not know about other objects, but when it comes to your precious Apple AirPods Pro, Dbrand has engineered a solution that will prevent butterfingers from becoming unwilling jugglers.

Dbrand Apple AirPods Pro Grip Case

If you have butterfingers, you should take a look at this case. Not going to lie. “Grippy” isn’t the feature that had me at hello. It is the high-tech and yet rugged look, plus the promise of “military-grade impact resistance” that gripped, wait, I mean grabbed, our attention.

Quite amazingly, it achieved the latter with just 2 mm of thinnest. Is that even possible? Anywho… assuming that it is possible… with such a grippy case as it claimed to be, drops shouldn’t happen. But hey, accidents do happen and it is not always due to clumsy digits.

Dbrand Apple AirPods Pro Grip Case

When slipped on, wireless charging remains functional on your AirPods Pro. Completing the rugged cosplay for your AirPods Pro (the case, obviously), a supposedly very clickable button, a lanyard, and a removal tool for removing this fit-better-than-the-gloves case in the event you need to separate the AirPods Pro from its super cool protection.

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You can find the Dbrand Apple AirPods Pro Grip Case selling on dbrand.com for US$29.99.

Dbrand Apple AirPods Pro Grip Case

Images: Dbrand.

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