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You Can Carry Skis with the Lowepro Whistle Series Photo Backpack Too

If you are a skiing photographer, be it amateur or pro, you would know that a camera bag cannot be just any bag. It has to stand up to the elements and also bears the burden of other gears apart from your imaging rig. This is an area long-time camera accessories maker Lowepro wants to fill with its latest four-season, alpine-inspired photo backpack known as Whistle. Available in two sizes, Whistle features a hinged and zippered back panel that offers partial or full access to your photography gear and it has a rigid internal structure that is well capable of supporting attachment of variety of snow mountain adventure gears including skis, poles, ice axes and more. Continue reading You Can Carry Skis with the Lowepro Whistle Series Photo Backpack Too

Miggo Agua is Like the Gunslinger’s Holster for Camera, Designed to Brave the Elements

Camera bags are a dime a dozen – probably twice as many as the number of cameras in the market. Actually, we don’t know the real figure. All we know is there boat loads of them out there which means shortage of options is never going to happen, unless you are looking for one that guards your camera against the elements, offers protection from the inevitable bumps and knocks, and still provide swift access to it. If so, we are pretty sure Miggo’s latest product, Agua camera bag, will be right up your alley. It’s part holster, part camera bag, that is built to IPX3 standard to protect your precious shooter against even the most weather conditions. And since it is water resistant (note: not waterproof), it eliminates the need for cumbersome rain cover which, more often than not, hinders swift retrieving of the camera. Continue reading Miggo Agua is Like the Gunslinger’s Holster for Camera, Designed to Brave the Elements

CamCarry: An Uber Stylish Leather Camera Bag That Won’t Break the Bank

If you agree that stock camera bags, if there’s even any, are too mainstream and lacks style, then we think it is high time for you to acquire something other than a padded black nylon bag. Something like the CamCarry Camera Bag by Chivote would be a good fit if style and practicality are what you seek. Yup, it’s Chivote. The London-based leather goods company is back, this time with an uber stylish camera bag that kind of defies the design norm. Handcrafted in Europe out of Italian vegetable tanned leather complete with matching shoulder strap and bronze-colored hardware, CamCarry’s design distanced itself from the norm by taking on a boxy, almost cube-like form. There is no form follow function or vice versa here; it is both. Continue reading CamCarry: An Uber Stylish Leather Camera Bag That Won’t Break the Bank

KILLSPENCER Modular Camera Bag Not Only Looks Sharp, But It Will Kill Your Wallet Too

if have dropped cool money for a connoisseur camera like Leica, then it only makes sense that you drop little more for a bag that complements the camera’s style, you know, to look even sharper. for that, KILLSPENCER has just the right stuff for you and its called Precision Pocket Modular Camera Bag. quite a mouthful and sounds a little on the high-tech side, doesn’t it? fancy name aside, the Precision Pocket is quite a sight to behold. i mean, we have seen our fair share of camera bags, but this is the first that we can actually call sharp. designed to carry your mirrorless cameras and interchangeable lenses, it is crafted from the finest Black Bullhide Leather, complemented with military-spec hardware, and best of all, you can custom order it with removable Alcantara Buckets to suit Leica T, Leica M, Sony A7 and Nikon 1 cameras. Continue reading KILLSPENCER Modular Camera Bag Not Only Looks Sharp, But It Will Kill Your Wallet Too

Booq Python mirrorless Camera Bag

not everyone fancy a big ass camera bag all the time and for those times when you just need one that can stow away a camera and a lens – with a touch style, if we might add – there’s the Booq Python mirrorless Camera Bag. falling under the Python series camera bags, the mirrorless has a super durable, water-repellent 168- denier ballistic nylon exterior and a densely padded interior crafted for either a mirrorless camera with a large lens or a compact DSLR with a small lens, protecting your precious shooter from the knocks and bumps during transit and shielding it from the elements. Continue reading Booq Python mirrorless Camera Bag

Booq Python Slimpack Camera Backpack

spur of the moment type photographers will surely appreciate what the new Booq Python Slimpack Camera Backpack has to offer. for starter, it looks every bit of awesome and despite the compact form, it managed to pack a series of pockets and a main camera compartment with configurable plush red padded interior that not only protects your gears, but also makes your predominantly black gears stand out and thus, facilitates easy retrieval. seriously, black on black is no fun, especially true when light source is not favorable. the bag is totally capable of swallowing up up to two DSLRs, up to four mid-size lenses, one large zoom lens, a tripod, plus a 10-inch class tablet such as the iPad (without case) – and thanks to the aforementioned generously padded divider, how you are going to use and organize your photography gears is entirely up to you. Continue reading Booq Python Slimpack Camera Backpack

Hard Graft Camera Accessories

if you are wondering why Hard Graft has only one camera accessory to offer, well, you can stop wondering, cos’ it now has not one, but three more accessories for style-conscious (and possibly, leather-loving) shutterbugs. the trio, a hold camera handle, hang camera strap, and box camera bag, sports Hard Graft’s signature vegetable tanned leather and 100 percent wool felt combo that, in our opinion, speaks of both class and luxury. the simplest accessory of the three, the hold camera handle is basically a handle that’s design for times when you just need to hold your camera securely without being bothered by shoulder strap. it features a patented 360-degree hook which provides an unrestricted holding position – though the thing is, you will have to constantly hold on to your rig much like a gunslinger, but without a holster. Continue reading Hard Graft Camera Accessories

Hard Graft Frame1 Leather SLR Camera Bag / Smoke

we did feature this Frame1 Leather SLR Camera Bag about a year ago, so this is kind of an update, which for the record, we don’t usually do. we prefer to do “minor” updates through our Facebook page (another reason to follow us on Facebook, perhaps?) for orderly and neatness sakes. however, this Smoke version is so rad that we thought it would be an injustice not to make a post out of it. crafted entirely out of 100 percent vegetable tanned leather, the Frame1 features a full and soft leather lining, thick padding for cushioning protection for your photography gears, removable divider to eliminate “passionate embracing” between gears, and a small zip pocket for nitty gritty stuff such as memory cards or for analog photography buffs, films and the likes. btw, it (the zip pocket) is totally capable of holding an average size phone too. Continue reading Hard Graft Frame1 Leather SLR Camera Bag / Smoke

Karachi Outpost Camera Backpack by Crumpler

it may look like a vintage military parachute pack, but the Karachi Outpost by Crumpler really is a sophisticated camera backpack that features a lockable 31-liter main compartment, a removable padded camera cradle with 12 dividers (accessible from the rear), an expandable interior, a front cargo compartment with internal mesh pocket, side pockets with elasticized internal pouch and velcro closure, rear soft-lined hood pocket for delicate items, a removable strap for a tripod, and an internal padded sleeve good for an iPad or 11-inch MacBook Air. basically, it is the all-you-can bring bag that you will need for a day’s field work. other usability and details include air mesh shoulder and vented back padding for cool carrying, double weave top grab handle, anti-abrasive materials both inside and out, a stow-able elasticized rain cover for sudden wet weather, plus a water-resistant field twill outer construction with reinforced stitching on all stress points. Continue reading Karachi Outpost Camera Backpack by Crumpler

Incase Camo Collection for Spring 2013

camouflage is perhaps the most successful patterned prints in the known history of mankind. it is on just about about everything today – Zippos, sleeping bags, cameras, pants, shirts – you name it. originally developed for military to help blend soldiers with their environment, this world iconic pattern is also synonymous with ‘ruggedness’ and now, a little bit of street cred in the fashion department. latest to join this fashionable bandwagon is the Incase Camo Collection for Spring 2013. the collection plucks out Incase’s popular packs and bags, and have them reskinned in a durable twill material in Incase’s interpretation of camouflage pattern. Continue reading Incase Camo Collection for Spring 2013