we did feature this Frame1 Leather SLR Camera Bag about a year ago, so this is kind of an update, which for the record, we don’t usually do. we prefer to do “minor” updates through our Facebook page (another reason to follow us on Facebook, perhaps?) for orderly and neatness sakes. however, this Smoke version is so rad that we thought it would be an injustice not to make a post out of it. crafted entirely out of 100 percent vegetable tanned leather, the Frame1 features a full and soft leather lining, thick padding for cushioning protection for your photography gears, removable divider to eliminate “passionate embracing” between gears, and a small zip pocket for nitty gritty stuff such as memory cards or for analog photography buffs, films and the likes. btw, it (the zip pocket) is totally capable of holding an average size phone too.

rounding up this classy package is the mandatory, adjustable shoulder strap made of 100 percent wool felt and a strong push-button closure. as for the physical size, the bag measures 190 x 130 x 180 mm and has an internal measuring 175 x 110 mm x 160 mm. the Hard Graft Frame1 Leather SLR Camera Bag / Smoke is of a strictly limited edition, though there is no telling how many of these will actually be made – so if you want one, you better act fast and get ready to put down a cool 300 quids for it (that’s about US$470 based on what Google tells us).

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