Why? Because Hasbro NERF Catnip Disc Blaster is a NERF blaster that shoots catnip discs instead of foam discs. That’s right, people. Catnip disc is a thing and so is the toy that launches it.

Hasbro NERF Catnip Disc Blaster Cat Toy

Hasbro NERF Catnip Disc Blaster may be the perfect gadget to satisfy your need to fire a NERF blaster and make your kitten exercise by picking up his/her own treats. Even though you know you could just throw the discs. I guess will make dispensing treats to your feline friend more fun?

Apparently, shooting catnip discs is not all does; it also has a “built-in laser projector” which, as it turns out, is nothing more than a red LED light with a plastic lens for casting a bullseye image on the floor.

Hasbro NERF Catnip Disc Blaster Cat Toy

I think it is a missed opportunity for Hasbro here. Hasbro could have replaced it with a laser pointer. Who needs a bullseye when a red dot would do? Plus, it could be used to get the cat chasing around. Then again, if it was a laser pointer, it probably would cost more than US$14.99.

Images: Hasbro/Petco.

via Gizmodo.

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