Brick-built camera models are not the most common, let alone one that is based on a Polaroid camera. Even rarer is one with playability, such as a functioning film tray. The proposed LEGO Ideas set, Polaroid OneStep SX-70 by LEGO Ideas member Minibrick Productions, is one such “working” LEGO Polaroid camera.

Packing 538 pieces, this almost-to-scale model of the iconic Polaroid OneStep is complete with the trademark rainbow stripe and comes with a box of SX-70 “film”. The model is incredibly detailed, right down to a “functional” viewfinder, eyelets to fit a real, cloth camera strap, and a functional film tray that can churn out a photo by spinning the gear on the left side of the model.

The proposed LEGO model further boasts an opening front that reveals the camera’s inner workings and for loading of the brick-built film. Moreover, Minibrick Productions proposed that the model include stickers applied by the manufacturer, just like you would find on an actual SX-70.

LEGO Ideas Polaroid OneStep SX-70

Now for the good news. The proposed LEGO Polaroid OneStep SX-70 has reached 10,000 supporters on LEGO Ideas which means it has a shot at becoming a real set. But that’s just one hurdle cleared. Next, it will be subjected to the review panel. Our fingers are crossed for this set.

Minibrick Productions’ Polaroid camera is not the only brick-built instant camera on LEGO Ideas, btw. There’s another based on the 80s’ Polaroid Sun 600 LMS submitted last month.

LEGO Ideas Polaroid OneStep SX-70
LEGO Ideas Polaroid OneStep SX-70

Images: LEGO Ideas (Minibrick Productions).

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