Many moons ago, Renault proposed a concept vehicle that can launch a drone to sniff out terrains and traffic conditions ahead. Years later, Jaguar Land Rover Group’s Project Hero proposed a car-deployed drone for emergency response use. Fast forward to today, another automaker is pitching a car with drone integration.

Folks, meet the Polestar O2, a hard-top convertible concept electric vehicle and the second concept car from Polestar that builds on the Precept design language first unveiled in 2020. However, the drone found on the Polestar O2 Concept is for entertainment; it is an autonomous cinematic drone integrated behind the rear seats.

The drone, developed in collaboration with China drone maker Aerofugia’s consumer electronics brand Hoco Flow, can be deployed while the car is moving and record the perfect driving moments. Yep. That right there is the car’s very own selfie drone.

Polestar O2 Concept Electric Vehicle

A special aerofoil raises behind the rear seats to create an area free from negative pressure to allow the drone to take off. The drone is fully autonomous and will automatically follow the car at speeds up to 90 km/h (56 mph).

When done recording footage, the drone can return to the car autonomously. After which the video clips can be edited and shared directly from, believe it or not, the 15-inch center display of the car. Well, when it is parked, of course.

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Polestar O2 Concept Electric Vehicle

Beyond the car selfie drone, the car, which is built on a bespoke aluminum platform, further boasts superb aerodynamics to boost the range. The car is also a showcase of advances in sustainability and technology with materials like a new recycled polyester thermoplastic mono-material. Recycled polyester forms the base of all soft components used in the interior, from the foam to the adhesive to 3D knit fibers and non-woven lamination.

As exciting as it is, the Polestar O2 is a concept with an unknown fate. Meanwhile, you may learn more about this bold concept in the video after the break and over at the Polestar website.

All images courtesy of Polestar.

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