feeling that the sports crossover segment seems a little too moldy since the Juke GT-R? then exercise a little patience and hold out for this sexy BMW Concept X4 Sports Activity Coupe to become a reality. if the statistic of ‘one in four new BMW cars is a BMW X model’ is anything to go by, the German automaker is pretty confident in putting their bets on this coupe-crossover mix up. in fact, they are so sure about it that it is saying that the production model will roll out of its BMW Plant Spartanburg as early as 2014. though with the assurance, it has nothing more to offer about what will be going under the hood or anything remotely related to its hard specifications. the PR text that we scoured through did little to help in that department and are entirely devoted to its exterior aesthetics. hardly surprising. why else do they call them PR materials?

in any case, the BMW Concept X4 Sports Activity Coupe’s X lineage is apparent and with its fastback coupe styling/crossover mash up, it truly consummates the German marque’s claim of it being a Sports Activity Coupe. its tight contours and athletic stance is 4.65 meter long (15.3′), 1.92 meter across (6.2′), and stands 1.62 meter tall (5.3′), and a stretched wheelbase of 2.81 meters means that not only it is larger, but also it could roomier on the inside. finally, from the little info we could gobble up, we learnt that it will come rolling on massive-sized 21-inch light alloy wheels, well, at least on the concept. and since there is an obvious lack of details, our shouts would cases right here and we invite you to personally scrutinize this concept in greater detail with the images in the gallery below. after which, you might want to learn more about this beautiful ride HERE.

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