uniformity is a quality that something most people love, but being conforming beings, we didn’t quite give the un-uniformed norm a thought. what if, your commonly used items such as stationery could be uniformed in design? awesome? we would think so. with that in mind, designer Yu Jian set out to design a truly aesthetically consistence stationery set dubbed as the Empty Bamboo Stationery Set. there are no technological innovations here, but giving commonly used office accessories such as tape dispenser, stapler, clip, pencil case, desk clock, and even USB flash drive and USB hub, a bamboo-clad makeover. together with the clever use of metal elements, the Bamboo Stationery Set will give your desk the dream-only uniformity to your desk – IF only your Mac or whatever computer you are using comes in this environmentally-friendly wood models too. IF. alas, the holistic consistency of the Bamboo Stationery Set by Yu Jian is all but a concept design that is a beautiful effort to tease us. we know it will never make commercial sense, but nevertheless we still hope someone picks it up at some point. more look at this pretty office stationery set after the break.

via Gizmodo

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