The mountain-inspired hair-catching gizmo we stumbled upon three years ago has returned. Back in the day, it was a one-size-fits-M kind of deal. But the brainiac behind this shower sensation has now blessed us with sizes L and S because, let’s face it, not all drains are created equal.

Huroyama Hair Catcher 3 Sizes

The L-size model boasts beefed-up legs, which are so strong they could bench press a rubber ducky. You can even trim them down to fit your drain if it does not fit out of the box. Meanwhile, the size S is the David Blaine of drains, designed to slip right into those inwardly dished drains and sink heads. Yup. Sink heads too. Plus, it’s got a stabilizing ring to keep it from floating away like a rogue rubber duck.

Now, in case you’ve been living under a soggy rock and need a refresher, the Huroyama’s claim to fame is that it lets hair and debris party in your drain without causing a flood crisis. Its mountainous design works like a charm, allowing water to meander through the summit while trapping the nasties down below. 

And let’s talk about those nifty protrusion points. They’re like the traffic cops of your shower, guiding the water in a graceful spiral dance and funneling it straight to freedom. Say goodbye to the sudden indoor pool and soap bubble buildups—this little guy has got you covered.

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Huroyama Hair Catcher 3 Sizes

Also, it won’t pull a slippery act on you either. With its skid-proof base, it’s like a well-behaved pet you can count on not to disappear when you step on it. Plus, its high-traction exterior makes it easy to pick up and place.

Cleaning up is a breeze too. When you’re done showering, just scoop it up, dump the debris, and give it a quick rinse. No drama, no mess, just pure, clean efficiency.

Whichever size you choose, Huroyama’s got anchoring points and stabilizing support that’ll hold its ground even in the face of a flood apocalypse. Made from flexible silicone with HR-BIOCIDE, an antibacterial agent that sounds like it’s from the future, it can wave goodbye to 99.99% bacteria and mold.

Huroyama Hair Catcher 3 Sizes

Now, if you’re itching to dive into the world of Huroyama, head over to Kickstarter. For a mere US$14, you can secure not one, but two M or S-sized Huroyamas. There are other tantalizing perks to explore, but we’ll let you discover those hidden treasures on your own.

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Huroyama Hair Catcher 3 Sizes

Images: Huroyama.

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