I never thought we would be posting about unclogging bathroom point drains, but here we are with the Huroyama. Huroyama sounds like some mountain name and it might very be because, the team behind this clever bathroom accessory drew their inspiration from Mt. Jade (Yu Shan or 玉山) in Taiwan.

Huroyama Catches Hair and Debris in Shower

This seemingly mundane bathroom accessory started as a fun project that turns out to be a useful product. Huroyama is a point drain unclogging device that features a mountain peak design with holes (obviously) to allow water to pass through freely, but at the same time capture hair and other debris.

HR-BIOCIDE silver ion particles, which reportedly has been proven to eliminate 99.99 percent of bacteria in contact, are added to the silicone product to prevent bacteria growth and it is also anti-molding too.

To counter large water flow (man, you should refrain from wasting water!), directing points on the rim and downward facing anchoring legs are implemented in the design as well.

Finally, it has a glossy underside that should offer maximum “sticking” effect when placed on top of the single point drain. But I suspect, it is only good if the grate thingy is made of stainless steel. Plastic ones, like the one I had, may not play well with Huroyama. Just thinking aloud here.

Much to our surprised, Huroyama is actually very well received by the crowdfunding community. Last checked, it had over 3,000 backers contributing more than $50,000 in funding… for a drain cover. So, yes, it is funded and if you want one, you can pre-order yours on Kickstarter. Price is $14 for a pair.

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All images courtesy of Huroyama.

Submitted via TIP US Page.

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