Studio Pinn x Layer Design Oda Hop Bag

We love the idea of a bag that you can bring on your travel, reach the hotel and set off to explore the city with a bag that is smaller. We like to refer to the smaller bag as the “deployment” bag. The Oda Hop Bag is such a bag.

Designed by Studio Pinn in collaboration with award winning studio Layer led by Benjamin Hubert, Hop is a set of modular bags designed to adapt to your needs as you move along on your journey.

There are two parts to it: a convenient backpack and a shoulder bag. The two magnetically attached to each other for a single-piece carry-on weekender and when you reach your hotel, simple put what you need in either bag (such as the backpack) and off you go to explore the city or attend to your meetings.

It is simple as that and it is this simplicity and practicality that draws us to it.

At this point, Studio Pinn x Studio Layer Oda Hop Bag is yet to become a reality. You can help make it a reality by backing for a product on Kickstarter.

For a pledge of 650 Hong Kong dollars or more (about $84 or more), you will secure yourself a unit. But as with any Kickstarter campaign, the fate of it depends on the funding outcome.

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As far as fulfillment goes, Studio Pinn is a veteran in crowdfunding and general speaking, backers should have no fear in non-delivery if it gets funded.

All images courtesy of Studio Pinn.

Submitted via TIP US Page.