if you are super serious about the whole sports fighting thing, then you absolutely need proper training and someone to coach you, but in case you don’t have the dough to engage a coach or wanted some extra training in addition to your regular trainer, the iPunch Gloves is here to help. billed as the world’s first smart combat gloves, this pair of MMA-style fight gloves feature a close palm design with expose digits and is made of Rex leather for durability. the gloves are embedded with sensors, including a three-axis sensor, to measure how hard hitting your punches are and what type of punch you have thrown. as you punch, the impact datas are relay to a companion app, available for Android or iOS devices, via Bluetooth Smart (aka Bluetooth LE) which you can review at the end of the bout (it will be synced to iPunch site too), or if you have a trainer, he or she would be able to watch over your punch performance in real time, and possibly coach you along.

iPunch Gloves Smart Fight Gloves

when you are training alone, there is a training mode that will give you instructions on what kind of punches to throw such as left jab, right hook and stuff like that. so, the iPunch Gloves is kind of like Wii, but with a more serious approach. the app even has a competition mode where you and your friend can challenge each other to see who can throw the most powerful punch. if the idea of a sensor-rigged smart fight gloves appeals to you, then head on down to iPunch Gloves’ Indiegogo campaign page to show you love. Responsive Sports, the young firm behind iPunch Gloves, is looking to raise a $75,000 to take the product from concept/prototype to reality. early backers will be treated to a special pricing of $139, after which if it runs out, you are looking at 10 bucks more for each pair. however, if MMA-style isn’t you cuppa, there is always the Virtual KnockOut for those Mike Tyson-wannabes.

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Indiegogo via Ubergizmo

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