with technology advancements, come a new set of problem: high-tech skimmers, but lucky for us, the light side also have its way of countering these electronic criminal minds. by using RFID-blocking materials, you can keep skimmers at bay, however, you can’t be slipping on RFID-blocking sleeves on each and every gadgets you have. i mean, you can, but why bother with individual RFID-blocking case or sleeve when you can wear an apparel that keeps your gadgets close to you while keeping skimmers out? we are referring to the SCOTTeVEST new RFID Travel Vest. like SCOTTeVEST other gadget-focused apparels, the RFID Travel Vest features a plethora of pockets for your mobile devices, but these pockets now features RFID-blocking capability to keep out high-tech skimmers who are out to steal your identity and valuable digital information.


an advanced two-way zipper lets you access to all pockets with ease, while an updated headphones wiring system ensures wires are kept organized within the apparel. there are even pockets with Clear Touch front that allows for interaction with your touchscreen devices without having to remove them. available in 26 pockets variant for men and 18 pockets version specially crafted for ladies, the SCOTTeVEST RFID Travel Vest can be yours now in exchange for $135 of your hard-earned dough. keep going for a product introduction video.

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SCOTTeVEST via The Gadgeteer

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