Many places are experiencing crazy high temperatures at this time of the year. Chiba Prefecture in Japan is no different but the difference is, folks over there who are visiting the Narita Farmland have a special cold, sweet treat to help quell the heat.

Narita Farmland has announced that is selling, for a limited time, “whole strawberry shaved ice” made by shaving over 20 whole strawberries harvest from the strawberry harvest season. Visitors to the farm can purchase whole strawberry shaved ice for 500 yen (about US$3.50).

What appears to be shaved ice is actually strawberry. Narita Farmland claims that its unique farming method enabled it to yield strawberries with a “sugar content of 20” on the sweetness scale while regular strawberries are around 10-15. Perfect for people with a sweet tooth.

While you are there, you may involve yourself in the harvesting experience by picking strawberry and blueberry, if it is in season, and also enjoy the picturesque of the 25,000 square-meter site.

Images: Narita Farmland [JP].

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