Up to this point, wallets are mostly made of leather (faux or genuine), textiles or PVC, and for a good reason. Those materials are flexible enough. But the real question here is? Do we need flexibility at all? Perhaps some do and some don’t. For those who don’t, you are in luck because, there are Wood Wallets.

Handmade using a single piece of oak or walnut, Wood Wallets feature a pull-out leather strip or sturdy elastic band for the more old-school feel. Whichever wood or style you go for, it looks pretty snazzy.

However, it is not without its caveat. Since it is not flexible, it is not expandable like say, leather does. It is limited to stash up to ten cards, or maybe some cards and some bills. But hey, if minimalism is your game, that should be more than suffice.

You can pick up the Wood Wallets from IPPINKA for between $63 and $73. Though you may want to hurry because, stocks are running pretty low.

Images: IPPINKA.

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